Warlords 1.2 – Progression System Dev Blog Released

Today, June 24th, CCP Frame put out a dev blog in which the new progression system for Warlords 1.2 was discussed.

Much like EVE Online, DUST 514 can be a very intimidating game for new players. The idea behind the new progression is to make it easier for those newbies to know what to do. When a new character is created, you are granted so many skill points to start with. The question then becomes, “What to do with all these skill points?” At this point in the game, the answer is to find something you like in the market, find and level up the skill, and equip it to a dropsuit fitting. Cross Atu explained the new progression very simply: “You can do everything from one screen now.  If you look at the progression picture in the blog you can now unlock an entire loadout from there rather than trying to build one in your head (or in protofits) and then finding each separate piece in the market, and then building it”. He went on to describe its benefit for new players; “The other aspect is that for players brand new to the game it gives what amounts to example fits that they can unlock and use while they learn the game. Then they can branch out when they want to and create their own unique fits”.

When the progression system drops, CCP will also be adding a SKIN viewer, allowing players to view SKIN modules before they buy them. This is something the community has long asked for since SKINs were released.

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