Warlords 1.2 Patch Notes Released, Deploys July 7th

“The Uprising is over, powerful mercenary captains dominate whole planets as Warlords, taking to orbit in makeshift or stolen Warbarges, waging perpetual war in Molden Heath. You are one of these Warlords, or aspire to become one.”

Warlords Patch 1.2 will be deployed during downtime on July 7th and will touch on many different aspects of gameplay, player experience, and balance.

Planetary Conquest 2.0

The results of the Planetary Conquest Think Tank have been compiled and finalized and will be deployed with Warlords 1.2. For more details read our Planetary Conquest 2.0 article.

Progression System

The new Progression System is also being rolled out to provide an improved and easier to understand progression system for both new and veteran players alike. This will provide an optional overlay to assist players in leveling their characters and hopefully make more accessible to a larger range of players. For more details read our Progression System article.

Dropsuit Slot Progression

Dropsuits will be undergoing a form of partial Tiericide and all tiers of dropsuits will not have the same number of high, low, and equipment slots as their equivalent Prototype tier within that role and faction. Available PG and CPU will still be the limiting factor between tiers and the current CPU and PG values will remain largely unchanged from their current values.

Additionally there are some changes to slot layout of the Commando and Logistics suits.

Commando Dropsuits
Existing New
High Low High Low
Amarr 1 3 2 3
Caldari 3 1 3 2
Gallente 1 3 2 3
Minmatar 2 2 3 2
Logistics Dropsuits
Existing New
High Low Equipment Sidearm High Low Equipment Sidearm
Amarr 3 4 3 1 3 5 3 1
Caldari* 5 4 3 0 5 3 4 0
Gallente 3 5 4 0 3 5 4 0
Minmatar 4 4 4 0 4 4 4 0

*Prototype Caldari Logistics resources have been increased to 390 CPU and 78 PG

APEX Dropsuits

APEX Dropsuits will now be tradable. Additionally they have had their resources modified slightly to put them between Standard and Advanced in terms of power level.

Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
Assault 42 205 34 223 39 212 37 218
Logistics 43 234 47 210 47 234 47 234
Scout 42 204 40 209 45 198 37 220
Sentinel 37 161 28 197 34 173 31 185
Commando 33 175 30 182 35 169 28 188

New Types of Squads

Squads have been redefined and split into 3 different types and now have additional restrictions on what game modes they can be used in.

Fireteam – 4 Players
Squad – 8 Players*
Platoon – 16 Players**
*Squads cannot be deployed into Public Contracts
**Platoons cannot be deployed into Public Contracts or Faction Warfare Contracts

SKIN Conversion Initiative

As previously discussed, existing BPOs will slowly be converted into a SKIN module and an equivalent skinless BPO. This will allow players to use the colors from their existing BPOs on other dropsuits within that role and race. For example if a player owns a ‘Quafe’ Amarr Assault BPO, it will be converted into a ‘Quafe’ Amarr Medium SKIN and a Standard Amarr Assault BPO suit. Keep in mind that this is just the first wave of this conversion, and there are plans for additional curves in the future. The SKIN conversions included in Patch 1.2 are as follows:

All ‘Quafe’ Assault Suits
All ‘Quafe’ Commando Suits
All ‘Quafe’ Logistics Suits
All ‘Quafe’ Scout Suits
All ‘Quafe’ Sentinel Suits
Amarr ‘Tash Murkon’ Logistics Suit
Amarr ‘Tash Murkon’ Sentinel Suit
Gallente ‘Roden’ Commando Suit
Gallente ‘Roden’ Scout Suit
Minmatar ‘Brutor’ Commando Suit
Minmatar ‘Brutor’ Logistics Suit
Caldari ‘Kaalakiota’ Assault Suit
Caldari ‘Kaalakiota’ Scout Suit

SKIN Viewer

A new SKIN Viewer has been added that will allow players to preview SKINs before purchasing them.



Additional Changes

  • ‘Show Info’ will now display all items on a pre-fit loadout and include if you have the skills needed to run each item.
  • Maximum Warbarge level is now 8

Source: Warlords 1.2 Overview Patch Notes

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  • Blyte23

    This made all 20+ of my custom loadouts stop working. I spent 40+ days making them to fit my play style. I had one for everything & now I have none. My template was the State Kampo Logi. The main part of all my dropsuits was the 4 top right slots. The new slot layout only has 3. I was forced to trash 85% of my loadouts & make weaker versions of the rest. Who need 4 bottom right slots? Not my play style. Why couldn’t there be 2 version of the factional dropsuits? The old & new. Let the gamers choose witch they want. All new attempts at making loadouts end in cpu shortage. That’s 40+ days waisted. I like all the other changes in the update. 1 cpu upgrade on the top left side could have fixed the 85% I had to trash. Next patch maybe make pg & cpu upgrades available on both sides. Please & thank you.

    • Soraya Xel

      Well, the big change with this has been making everything more standardized in terms of slot layout. From my understanding, most suits got more slots, not less.

      Generally, high slots (on the left) are high power things and low slots (on the right) are high CPU things. By splitting where CPU and PG upgrades are available, it allows CCP to offer a more balanced ability to use these upgrades across different racial variants.

      Having to adjust and refit loadouts is kinda a pain (I did it just last week, and will have to do it again now), but I think the changes are for the better.

      • Blyte23

        All I do now is die, die, die & die. I can’t make loadout to match my play style to save my life. When I do it doesn’t work. It’s CPU or PG shortage. I’ve gone from top half of the killboard to the bottom half. A normal game was 1000+ wp with a sometimes 1st place & now I don’t even make a 100 wp half the time. My Kill/Death rate was on the rise, but now it’s going down. Know of any dropsuits with 5 high left & 4 high right slots like how my State Kampo Logi use to be? That slot layout is the only one I’ve ever had work for me. Having at least 4 high slots on both sides is the most important thing.