Episode 171: “I’ll Preorder It”

Bait and Xel do a lightning-fast rundown of Gamescom 2017 news, including Overwatch, Crowfall, Jurassic World Evolution, Age of Empires IV, Fe, and Assassin’s Creed: Origins. We bench Fortnite, Destiny, and Final Fantasy XV stuff for Pokey. Brief discussion of Half-Life Epistle 3 and Localhost.

Netflix has shown off a teaser for The Punisher.

Overwatch brings us a new animated short, Rise and Shine, along with another one called The Plan for their new map, Junkertown. They also announced some major balance changes to Mercy and D.Va. Also, enjoy this example of a game director absolutely destroying a player who whined about his ban.

Skipping over to Heroes of the Storm, they’ve released a small short to introduce Kel’Thuzad and a set of themed skins. Hearthstone also joined the animated short game this year, with Hearth and Home.

Fortnite has a trailer for their new Survive the Storm update.

We briefly discuss Crowfall, a crowdfunded MMO sporting a new trailer this week.

Of course, one of the biggest items this week is the announcement of Age of Empires IV. But we’re both probably a bit more excited about Jurassic World Evolution.

An indie platformer published by EA was a bit of a surprise: Fe. It has a beautiful trailer.

Final Fantasy XV is expanding, coming to PC in 4K, and in a chibi-fied Pocket Edition.

Straight from Bait’s preorder list, the cinematic trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Origins. There was also a Destiny 2 launch trailer but we didn’t really talk about it.

If you’ve been dying to know how Half-Life 2 ends, the writer, Marc Laidlaw, has answers.

Kotaku clued us into a cool indie game called Localhost.

And in shout-outs, Xel offered up Grootpool, and Bait, forgetting the show was basically over, brought up Secret of Mana and Immortal Redneck, before giving a shout out to the Blood Harvest, an EVE player event around donating blood. From the entire Biomassed crew, we offer best wishes to those in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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