CCP Raises $30 Million for “Virtual Reality Development”

CCP Games reported  on November 12th that they had raised $30 million with the help of New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Novator Partners LLP. The money was raised to “bolster virtual reality development efforts,” says CCP. In addition to raising the money, two NEA employees, Harry Weller and Andrew Schoen, have joined CCP’s Board of Directors, with Schoen joining as a Deputy Director.

CCP has stated that the $30 million is going towards VR for sure, but it is unclear at this time if any of CCP’s other products will get a portion of this money.

NEA is “one of the world’s largest and most active venture capital firms,” according to their website. In addition to CCP Games, NEA has also invested in companies such as Groupon, TiVo, Vonage, and WebMD.

Novator Partners has many substantial assets all across Europe.

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