CPM Candidate Interview: Mossellia Delt

Biomassed: Who are you? Who do you play DUST 514 with, and what style of play do you enjoy?

Mossellia Delt: I’m Mossellia Delt, a director of Militaires Sans Jeux, past member of Not Guilty and Pure Innocence (on my alts). I play with all manners of people, from NPC corp newbies to bittervets alike. My playstyle would be self-described as a Jack of All Trades, Master of the Plasma Cannon and not much else.

Biomassed: Tell us a bit about the “real you”. Who is the man (or woman) behind the merc?

Mossellia Delt: In real life I go by Aaron Bauer, a young man of 22 years of age. I currently work as a co-owner of a small business while I go back to school. I’m planning on going into a police academy later this year.

Biomassed: Why did you decide to run for the CPM this year?

Mossellia Delt: The same reason that I ran last year, to be the voice of the DUST 514 community to the best of my abilities. My love for the game and the community drives me forward to want to make DUST the best it can be.

Biomassed: What are the strengths you think you can bring to the CPM? What is your biggest weakness you’ll need to contend with?

Mossellia Delt: Quite simply, I’m a great guy to work with, friendly, analytical, thoughtful and considerate of others, a great listener but someone who can also talk your ear off on informed subjects. As a positive and a negative quality, I’m not one to talk on a subject unless I’m informed on it, a favorite quote of mine is “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” by Harlan Ellison. A real negative trait is I can be extremely rude in a conversation when someone is spouting ignorant opinions.

Biomassed: What do you feel is the role of the CPM?

Mossellia Delt: The role of the CPM is laid out right in the white paper, but to paraphrase it, the CPM’s responsibility is to converse with the community to gather ideas and opinions, and to bring these ideas and opinions to conversation with CCP. It is also to help CCP in decisions that they both request feedback for and request the community’s feedback from.

Biomassed: How do you feel about the previous CPM? What was done well, and what could have been done better?

Mossellia Delt: I have mixed opinions about the CPM1, the negatives stemming from Judge’s disappearance and the negative and “trolling” attitudes to the community. What could have been done much better was communication. I understand the NDA but the way that the CPM talks to the community: the tone, could have been more positive.

Biomassed: What are your thoughts on communication between the players and CCP? The CPM and CCP? The CPM and the players?

Mossellia Delt: Between CCP and the players, I think Rattati has done an excellent job, though I feel the communication is lacking from the other devs. Between the CPM and the players, as I mentioned above, I see much of it as rude, but I also see the communication lacking from most of the CPM. Very few do I see on the forums.

Biomassed: Where do you hope to see the game by the end of your term?

Mossellia Delt: The better question is, where does the community want to see the game by the end of my term, and how can I do my best to get it there.

Biomassed: If DUST is able to be ported to another platform, which platform would you prefer, and why?

Mossellia Delt: For longevity sake, if DUST does get ported, I would hope it would be on the PC. If it was to be on the PS4, well, I’d guess I’d have to get a PS4 then.

Biomassed: How can players reach out to you if they have further questions for you?

Mossellia Delt: I’m on Skype at Moss-Delt, you can email me at endermoss (at) gmail.com, you can in-game mail me at Mossellia Delt, Medrean Delt, or Moselder Telend (although my main is Mossellia Delt. If you do want to Skype me, message me ahead of time on Skype should you like to phone me or talk to me live on cam, I’m open to doing so with the playerbase.

Thank you for the interview and remember, Vote for Delt.

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