A Change in Legion Status… Maybe

CCP has officially abandoned their trademark claim on “EVE: Legion” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The trademark claim, originally filed for in March 2014, was abandoned on April 13, 2015.

The DUST 514 community first heard of EVE: Legion when it was announced at Fanfest 2014 as CCP’s upcoming FPS game being developed for release on PC. At the time of this announcement, the game was still in early stages of development, and referred to as “Project Legion”. Legion was described as a thematic successor to DUST 514, not a direct port. It was intended to be a new game, with a new name and on a new platform, though also set in the EVE universe and based mainly on the same vision and material that DUST 514 had been building on.

No news on “Project Legion” were shared with the DUST 514 community and the public in general after Fanfest 2014.

The change in trademark status may or may not mean that EVE: Legion is no longer being developed, or that CCP had decided to continue under a different name for their potential future PC New Eden FPS game. It is also worth mentioning that CCP still holds a trademark claim for EVE: Legion with the World Intellectual Property Organisation that is valid at least until 2024.

[Source: The Nosy Gamer]

  • Ripley Riley

    Does this mean Legion is no longer a project? That is has been greenlit? Or has CCP finally started pulling the plug on Legion and this is the first step?!

    Tune in next week for more WAITING ON CCP TO TELL US STUFF!

    • Jorge Juan Puente

      I dont know, but you know what, I do not want to hear people speculate because it is just that, speculation.

      I prefer if you guys talk about what we do have, Dust 514 and its ongoing progress. Talk about the future tournament, events, etc. Also would be really nice if you talk about some good post hanging around on the forums, like for example;


      and other future ocurrences like Amarr and Minmatar HAVs and future of SKINS.

      Thank you anyways.

      • Ripley Riley

        Biomassed can discuss the goings-on in Dust 514 like SKINs, Warlords 1.2 – 1.3, tiericide, and all that while speculating on the future of Dust. We’re all adults (mostly) and entertaining both ideas is possible.

      • Soraya Xel

        We try very hard to maintain a quality grade of reporting, and only talk about facts. Which is why this, a verifiable public fact, is the first article to discuss Legion on this blog. We’ll only talk about Project Legion when there’s an actual thing that happened or was said, above and beyond the usual rumor-mongering.

        And we’ll continue to talk heavily about DUST 514, because we love DUST 514. 🙂

  • Golden Day

    I hope to see DUST 514 on ps4…

  • Personally, I don’t feel like this confirms anything other than the fact that CCP wants to divorce itself of the name “Legion” which is honestly, a very good idea. The title has so much negativity tied to it that keeping it would be suicidal, even if the project it was tied to lives on or not.

    • Zaria

      That’s what I would guess the most likely scenario was, myself.

    • zdub 303

      Does Legion have any more negativity tied to it than Dust 514? The whole purpose of ‘Eve: Legion’ is for CCP to divorce themselves from all of the negativity surrounding Dust.

      • Soraya Xel

        And that worked fantastically, didn’t it? 😛

        DUST released at least. 😉

        • Ghural

          It would be nice if CCP could end the endless speculation around Legion by actually communicating directly with players about it.

      • Bitterness /= Massive PR Disaster. No amount of bullshittery we’ve seen in Dust would top the massive fallout that was the Legion announcement. I mean hell it was basically the Incarna 2.0

        • zdub 303

          No but which one is truly worse? Dust has a lot of apathy surrounding it, no one but the 20-50k active players actually care about Dust anymore. Almost no one outside of that same community is mad about Legion. Most of CCP’s community is looking forward to Legion. If anything is disastrous about Legion its the lack of communication since the Rouge Wedding, not the actual announcement itself. Keep in mind that 95% of the crowd was cheering when Legion was announced. That’s not blind fanboyism, most of the community is looking forward to Dust dying and moving to the PC.

          • Soraya Xel

            Bear in mind the “crowd” is CCP’s core fanboys, the ones who will spent a couple thousand dollars a year to fly to Iceland.

          • zdub 303

            While I certainly cannot speak for all of CCP’s playerbase, I do get the impression from podcasts and forums that most of EVE still doesn’t care about Dust and won’t until its off the PS3. A lot of people want to see ‘Legion’ become a thing, I would still say I believe most of CCP’s fanbase think positively of Legion. Its just easy to get an opposite impression if you spend all of your time on the Dust forums which represent only a small fraction of CCP’s user base and likely an even smaller fraction of CCP’s income.

          • Do keep in mind that CCP employees have basically be banned from even saying the word “Legion”. CCP is clearly trying to get away from that title, regardless of any negativity associated with the name Dust. Honestly if Dust moves forward to another platform, it would not surprise me if the name was changed for many of the reasons you listed, but it also comes at no surprise that they’re getting rid of the name Legion as well.