Hotfix Released on May 7th

In a forum post CCP Rattati announced that a hotfix had been deployed. He said that, “This patch is simply meant to address Echo and Warlords 1.1 issues.”

Rattati starts off the post by saying, “the plan was always to allow APEX users to use SKINs, we have gone ahead and tailored each APEX loadout to exactly the fitting capacity it needs with the current items and skills and unlocked them for editing.” This move has allowed players to fit APEX suits with whatever standard equipment they want, as long as it falls within the suit’s PG/CPU limitation. Rattati said that “All slots will be mandatory so it will not possible to remove all items and fit advanced and prototype weapons or gear.” APEX suits will also have a SKIN slot, allowing mercenaries to change the skin (many of which players find gauty), and replace it with the skin of their choice. He also went on to say that CCP Shanghai will be “monitoring the situation on APEX suits over the following weeks.” APEX suits have been moved to their own category under “Loadouts” on the Marketplace.

Rattati briefly touched on PG and CPU in the post, saying, “To counter any PG/CPU mod shenanigans we have used the opportunity to make a change we have wanted for a long time. We are moving PG mods to high slots and adding a CPU cost to them, this will make them more useful as they don’t occupy the PG heavy low slot anymore. We are also adding a PG fitting cost to CPU upgrades as they had zero fitting cost before.”

Light Attack Vehicles (LAVs) were given additional fitting capacity and an extra slot, according to Rattati. He said this was to, “reward dedicated LAV drivers”.  While on the subject of vehicles, Rattati added, “SHAVs no longer have pre-fitted Small Turrets as intended.”

Since the introduction of Myofibril Stimulants, players have been complaining about stacking more than 3 of the modules, and how high they allowed people with more than four high slots to jump. Rattati explained, “As was plainly explained with the Myofibril mods, we wanted to increase the jumping height so that stacking 3 would allow to get on top of the large containers. The plan was for stacking penalties to take care of the rest, as the 4th and 5th module under stacking penalties add incrementally almost zero improvement under normal circumstances. However, the stacking penalty does not work currently, and we haven’t found the cause. Until the cause has been found and a fix deployed, we will be limiting Myofibrils to 3 per loadout which is almost the same effect. It was silly fun while it lasted, but, ultimately not the designed intent.”

Remote Explosives were also touched on. Rattati said, “Remote Explosives throwing distance has been reduced, as activation delay settings seem to be bugged. Remote Explosives are designed to be placeables, or traps in essence, not super-grenades. Packed Remote Explosives should be the go to Anti-Vehicle Explosive, with an increased throw distance at the cost of damage radius. Packed RE users should be mindful that they need to be thrown at the center mass of vehicles due to the smaller radius of the explosion and throwing at the front tracks of HAV’s, for example, may not be enough.”

Other small changes include buffing the Experimental Assault Combat Rifle so that it has its proper experimental stats. The new stats are 3% increased damage, 25% faster reload and 10% higher clip and ammo capacity.

There have been small tweaks to things such as Vehicle Modules, the Assault Heavy Machine Gun, Vehicle Turrets, and Infantry Equipment. All of those tweaks can be found in this Google Spreadsheet.



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    Finally the Experimental ACR got fixed…


    I like that my APEX suits are now editable. I can put my ‘Dren’ Shotty and my M209 Assault SMG on my ‘Tiger’ Scout, no more struggling with basic knives xD