A Fundamental Guide to Dropsuit Bonuses

In this guide we will be covering the basics of Dropsuit Bonuses. These bonuses are unique perks which are gained by leveling up the Dropsuit Operation skill for the corresponding Dropsuit. Bear in mind that the bonuses gained from a particular dropsuit skill only applies while wearing that type of dropsuit. For example, the Sentinel skill bonus will not apply while wearing a Logistics suit.

Dropsuits With Bonuses

  • Assault Dropsuits
  • Logistics Dropsuits
  • Scout Dropsuits
  • Sentinel Dropsuits
  • Commando Dropsuits

Dropsuits Without Bonuses

  • Generic Light Frame Dropsuits
  • Generic Medium Frame Dropsuits
  • Generic Heavy Frame Dropsuits

Bonuses are divide up into two parts: Role Bonuses and Racial Bonuses. The Role Bonus is the same for all dropsuits within that particular role, regardless of race. This bonus typically defines the general role that type of suit fills, and thus is the same regardless of race. The Racial Bonus is unique to each race and defines it against the other races within the role. This bonus typically modifies the role further to give that particular suit a unique flair within the overall class.

In short, all suits within a certain role will get the same Role Bonus and an additional unique Racial Bonus. Please keep in mind that while the Role Bonus may be the same between all suits within that class, it is not shared between skills. For example, leveling up Amarr Assault Operation will only provide the Role Bonus to the Amarr Assault suit; it will not be applied to the other racial Assault suits. In order to gain the same benefit on the other suits, you must level up their corresponding skills.


The Assault suit is a fast moving, hard hitting direct combat suit designed to dish out punishment quickly and effectively. Its role bonuses allows the user to more readily fit weapons by providing a PG & CPU cost reduction for all fitted light weapons, sidearms, and grenades. The racial bonuses typically seek to reduce the biggest weakness in that race’s weapons.

Assault Role Bonus
+5% Reduction to PG & CPU cost of Light Weapons, Sidearms, and Grenades / Level

Amarr Assault Dropsuit Operation
+5% Reduction to Heat Buildup in Laser Weapons / Level

Caldari Assault Dropsuit Operation
+5% Bonus to Reload Speed of Hybrid-Rail Weapons / Level

Gallente Assault Dropsuit Operation
+5% Reduction to Hip-fire Dispersion and Recoil of Hybrid-Blaster Weapons / Level

Minmatar Assault Dropsuit Operation
+5% Bonus to Magazine Size of Projectile Weapons / Level

Important Notes

  • Minmatar Assaults have a natural 5% bonus to hacking speed.


The Logistics suit is the primary support suit, capable of fitting more equipment than any other suit in the game. This makes them very flexible and capable of providing a wide array of support services through the use of their equipment. This is why their role bonus provides a reduced PG & CPU fitting cost for all equipment, and their racial bonus boosts the effectiveness of their race’s equipment.

Logistics Role Bonus
+5% Reduction to the PG & CPU cost of Equipment / Level

Amarr Logistics Dropsuit Operation
+10% Decrease in Spawn Time of Drop Uplinks / Level
+2 Bonus to Max Spawns of Drop Uplinks / Level

Caldari Logistics Dropsuit Operation
+10% Bonus to Max Nanite Capacity of Nanohives / Level
+5% Bonus to Supply & Repair Amount of Nanohives / Level

Gallente Logistics Dropsuit Operation
+10% Bonus to Scan Visibility Duration of Active Scanners / Level
+5% Bonus to Scan Precision of Active Scanners / Level

Minmatar Logistics Dropsuit Operation
+10% Bonus to Range of Repair Tools / Level
+5% Bonus to Repair Amount of Repair Tools / Level

Important Notes

  • The Equipment Reduction Bonus does not apply to Cloaking Fields
  • All Logistics have a natural 15% bonus to hacking speed, Minmatar Logistics have a 20% bonus.


The Sentinel suit is the defender role of dropsuits, capable of soaking up lots of damage with powerful defensive bonuses, and dishing it back out with the use of Heavy Weapons. The role bonus of the Sentinel makes it highly resistant to splash damage from other weapons and allows them to more easily fit heavy weapons. Their racial bonus provides resistances against certain damage types against either armor or shields.

Sentinel Role Bonus
+5% Reduction to the PG & CPU cost of Heavy Weapons / Level
+5% Reduction to Splash Damage / Level

Amarr Sentinel Dropsuit Operation
+3% Resistance to Projectile Damage against Armor / Level
+2% Resistance to Hybrid-Rail Damage against Shields / Level

Caldari Sentinel Dropsuit Operation
+3% Resistance to Hybrid-Blaster Damage against Shields / Level
+2% Resistance to Laser Damage against Shields / Level

Gallente Sentinel Dropsuit Operation
+3% Resistance to Hybrid-Rail Damage against Armor / Level
+2% Resistance to Projectile Damage against Armor / Level

Minmatar Sentinel Dropsuit Operation
+3% Resistance to Laser Damage against Shields / Level
+2% Resistance to Hybrid-Blaster Damage against Armor / Level

Important Notes

  • While no Sentinel has a specific resistance against Explosive damage, most explosive damage received will be in the form of splash damage, which the Sentinel will resist upwards of 25%. However, direct hits with explosive weapons will do full damage.


The Commando suit is the heavier cousin of the Assault suit. Capable of carrying two light weapons, it is the specialist of the attacker role, providing a flexible platform from which to deal heavy damage. Its ability to carry two light weapons, and Anti-Infantry weapon and an Anti-Vehicle weapon at the same time, allows it to fill both roles at the same time. Because AV weapons are typically characterized by small magazines in order to limit their sustained DPS potential, the Commando’s role bonus increases reload speed to dramatically increase sustained DPS. Additionally, their racial bonuses further increase damage by giving a damage bonus to certain damage types.

Commando Role Bonus
+5% Bonus to Reload Speed of Light Weapons / Level

Amarr Commando Bonus
+2% Bonus to Laser Weapon Damage / Level

Caldari Commando Bonus
+2% Bonus to Hybrid-Rail Weapon Damage / Level

Gallente Commando Bonus
+2% Bonus to Hybrid-Blaster Weapon Damage / Level

Minmatar commando Bonus
+2% Bonus to Projectile & Explosive Weapon Damage / Level

Important Notes

  • While the Commando’s bonuses and abilities lend it to be a strong Anti-Vehicle platform, it can also be an effective Anti-Infantry platform due to its abilities to carry multiple damage types at once, or different styles of weapons to be effective against a wide range of enemies in many situations.
  • While the Swarm Launcher is technically a Caldari weapon, it deals Explosive damage. Therefor it is the Minmatar Commando that gets a damage bonus for the Swarm Launcher and not the Caldari Commando.


The Scout suit specializes in covertly collecting data and providing battlefield control though mobility, stealth, and assassination. Their role bonus provides a significant reduction to the fitting cost of Cloaking Fields, a piece of equipment often too resource intensive for other suits to fit properly. Additionally their racial bonuses provide a wide range of scanning, mobility, hacking, and assassination abilities.

Scout Role Bonus
+15% Reduction to the PG & CPU cost of Cloaking Fields / Level

Amarr Scout Dropsuit Operation
+5% Bonus to Max Stamina & Stamina Regen/ Level
+5% Bonus to Passive Scan Precision / Level

Caldari Scout Dropsuit Operation
+10% Bonus to Passive Scan Range / Level
+3% Bonus to Dropsuit Scan Profile / Level

Gallente Scout Dropsuit Operation
+2% Bonus to Passive Scan Precision / Level
+3% Bonus to Dropsuit Scan Profile / Level

Minmatar Scout Dropsuit Operation
+5% Bonus to Melee & Nova Knife Damage / Level
+5% Bonus to Hacking Speed / Level

Important Notes

  • Dropsuit Scan Profile determines how easily you show up on enemy scans, the lower the value the better
  • Certain Cloaking Fields will enhance your Scan Profile further by a small margin while cloaked
  • Passive Scan Precision determines how easily your suit naturally scans enemies, the lower the value the better
  • All Scouts have a natural 5% bonus to hacking speed, Minmatar Scouts have a 10% bonus
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  • DarthCarbonite

    “Important Notes
    Minmatar Assaults have a natural 5% bonus to hacking speed”

    Is this true? I knew the hacking bonus moved from the Min logi to the scout, but does the assault get it as well?

  • Nick Ashley

    I’m glad you mentioned all the passive hacking speed bonuses. Little-known facts. I think this is a flavor holdover from when min was the only logi and it had a built in bonus to hack speed.

    • I rather liked the slight advantage that Minmatar have in terms of hack speed. It adds a bit of flavor to the race without making it a huge difference.

  • Nick Ashley

    Next article should be on scanning. Passive and active. Do you have the link to that Google spreadsheet that showed all the various bonuses and what level of scanner/skills it would take to scan various suits? I can’t find it.

  • Battleshiplid

    You have done great job with these guides so far, they really have me thinking about what I could be doing better. I’m looking forward to the sidearm guide 😀

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