Warlords 1.1 Arriving April 28th, Patch Notes Released

CCP has just posted a new dev blog with the patch notes for Warlords 1.1, and announced that it will arrive on your PS3s on April 28th!

Warlords 1.1 will bring one of the most long-awaited features of DUST 514: Player Trading. Along with that comes the new dropsuit SKINs feature (which will coincide with the release of SKINs for EVE Online) and the first new game mode to be added since Domination. Acquisition will be similar to Domination, but with a moving objective. CCP is also releasing several improvements to the user interface for fitting and asset info screens, as well as adding a small amount of AUR to the daily login bonus. They’re also adding a new Planetary Conquest overview screen.

The full Warlords 1.1 patch notes are available here:

Path to Game and Related UI

* An amount of AUR will now be granted as a reward for logging in, increasing with consecutive logins.


* Dropsuit SKIN modules have been added to the Marketplace, which override the color scheme on applicable dropsuits.


* A new Game Mode has been added: Acquisition, where mercenaries fight to claim the battlefield from randomly moving terminals before the time runs out.
* A new page has been added to the Neocom: Planetary Conquest, where all players can see the current information of all the Districts in one overview, i.e. Clones, Reinforcement Timers, State and more, and CEOs can launch Attacks.
* Miniature Jump Portals have been placed into a few Academy Maps to shorten the distance to strategic objectives quicker and easier for new players.

User Experience and Interface

* “Show Info” on a Loadout now shows all items fitted on it, in the Marketplace, Assets and where applicable.
* “Show Info” on a Skill now shows all items that are unlocked by the Skill and at what level they are unlocked.
* Creating a Loadout has been streamlined using Categories.
– When creating a Loadout, available dropsuits will be displayed by Marketplace Category (Frame Size); Light, Medium and Heavy, and sorted by Meta level.
– When creating a Loadout, the information about each Dropsuit is displayed on the right hand information bar.
– When fitting an item into a slot, available items will be displayed by Marketplace Category, such as Armor Plate, Shield Extender and more, sorted by Meta level.
* Loadout Meta level, as in, the sum of all item’s Meta level, is displayed in the list of Saved Loadouts.
* Loadout Meta level will be displayed prominently while adding or replacing items in the Fitting Screen.
* Saved Fittings have been renamed to Saved Loadouts.
* Saved Loadouts are now sorted by Frame Size.

Items and Salvage

* When claiming items from the Experimental Laboratory and Strongboxes, the full list of claimed items is displayed in a popup message.
* ISK items can now be sent to other players via the Contacts screen.


* To improve performance Character Avatar thumbnails will be removed from the client in certain locations.


* A new Matchmaking algorithm has been enabled.

Spawning and End of Match

* Planetary Conquest End of Match rewards will be changed to a new rule, Team A recovers Team B’s losses, split equally among team A’s members, and vice versa. Biomass will no longer be awarded as a reward for winning, successfully defending or claiming a District is reward enough.


* To improve performance any emails will be kept for 30 days and deleted.
* New Characters will be graduated from the Academy based on User Lifetime Statistics, not the Character statistics.
* Character Avatars thumbnails have been removed from the Contacts page.


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    Good article man. I’ve been binge-listening to these because I somehow managed to not see these for almost 6 months –_–

    You guys are doing great work here, although you may have spent a little TOO much on the biomassed.com domain name xD

    • Soraya Xel

      I really did. -_-

      But now it’s MINE, see?


        Lol, I’d do the exact same thing. I’m almost exactly like you, but younger. I’d make sure that that bastard auction sniper had a laugh at how much I was willing to pay, but I’d be damned if I let him have that domain name =P

        • Soraya Xel

          Whatever fate the domain would’ve ended up as otherwise would’ve eaten at me for a long time. Meanwhile, I can acquire another $133 dollars.

          • SHADOWBlood ASSASSIN

            Tis true, tis true

  • Duncan Idaho

    Items and Salvage: We have also added a little bonus UX, you can now open 10 boxes at the same time and get one guaranteed rare item.

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