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One of the cornerstone features of Warlords 1.1 is the SKIN (Super Kerr Induced Nano Coating)  system, a highly requested feature since DUST 514 first hit consoles and players wanted to change the way they look. The SKIN system was hinted at a while ago by CCP Rattati as he was exploring the technical side of this feature. Today Rattati released a dev blog outlining the feature, with a few nifty pictures for the community’s eyes to feast upon.

The SKIN’s will be slotted into a new slot on suits, specifically made for them, located between the Grenade slot and the Equipment slots. They can only be fitted on suits of the same race and frame size as the SKIN.

For example: A Gallente – Medium SKIN works on (Gallente Basic Medium, Gallente Assault and Gallente Logistics), but will not work on (Gallente Basic Light and Gallente Scout) or (Gallente Basic Heavy, Gallente Sentinel and Gallente Commando).


The first wave of SKIN’s will be based upon the factions of EVE Online, the Caldari and Gallente corporations, the Minmatar tribes and the Amarr houses. They will be available through various means, including AUR, Strongboxes, EOM salvage and part of the faction Loyalty Store.

As time passes, the new SKIN system will replace (some of)  the old colored dropsuits, and those dropsuits will be split into a BPO and a SKIN which can be applied to any suit within that race and frame size.


Here are a few pictures of the new SKIN’s that will be available once Warlords 1.1 drops:

‘Legacy’ SKIN’s – the base racial SKIN’s that capture the essence of a race’s style – Available for AUR:



‘Faction’ SKIN’s – Designs taken from the Minmatar Tribes, Amarr Houses and Gallente/Caldari corporations:



‘Pirate Faction’ SKIN’s – Cannot be obtained through legal means, and as such only available from Strongboxes and EOM salvage: 



Loyalty SKIN’s | ‘Marine Issue’ – SKIN’s obtained using Loyalty Points. Will be deployed slightly later than the rest:


For more information, details, and of course pictures, head on over to the Dev Blog over on the official DUST website: [Source]

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