Episode 175: “Pokey’s Death Note”

We chat about the Punisher and Tomb Raider trailers, Fortnite crossplay drama and potential beef from PUBG about a copied game mode. We also talk about an upcoming Destiny 2 event, and an insane spreadsheet for Destiny gear that rivals Pokey’s talents.

Trailers for Netflix’s The Punisher and the new Tomb Raider movie are here! Also check out the main title for Star Trek: Discovery.

More information about the Fortnite/PUBG fiasco can be found here.

For more information about Destiny 2’s faction rallies, click here.

Also, here’s a gameplay trailer for Resident Evil VII’s “Not a Hero” DLC.

Yes, EverQuest is… still a thing.

Here’s where you can check out an amazing tabbed spreadsheet about Destiny 2’s weapon stats. Pokey’s rival has arisen.

Skill Up has a great hour-long review of Destiny 2.

It’s available now on iTunes or you can find it at http://biomassed.net/podcast

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  • Fox Gaden

    The Star Trek: Discovery intro reminded me of a combination of a James Bond intro, combined with the West World intro, and something else which I can’t put my finger on. The show itself was substantially better than any Star Trek TV show I have ever seen, and had a Game of Thrones level of acting and production. Really looking forward to the rest of the season. Hopefully, since I live in Canada, I will be able to get it on Netflix.

  • Fox Gaden

    Tomb Raider: The trailer had the same feel as the game, at least the one I plaid. Actually about the only PS3 game I played through to the end… well except for DUST I suppose, but that was a different sort of end.