Episode 164: “Shoryuken”

We talk about Castlevania on Netflix, Overwatch’s new hero, Doomfist, and the Destiny 2 open beta. Then we talk about Fortnite, a new game from Epic Games. Jaysyn reviews Elite: Dangerous on the PS4 and Pokey reviews Subnautica.

The much awaited Doomfist is coming to Overwatch and has an origin story and developer update. We also talked about a cool fan trailer for a hypothetical Overwatch series.

Fortnite has an awesome cinematic trailer.

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  • Fox Gaden

    Hi Xel! Hi guys! LOL. Been working hard for the past two weeks on deep analysis stuff where I have to keep my brain actively engaged, so I have fallen behind again. Finally back to mindless mapping today and able to listen to Podcasts again.

  • Fox Gaden

    I wonder if I would find the Steam controller easier to use. I use a thumb ball (trackball) mouse, as tendon damage acts up if I use a normal mouse too much. So all my PC gaming has been done controlling my movement with my thumb, as was my early Sniping play in DUST. Of course I can’t be sure that the experience with the thumb ball would translate as well to a thumb pad.

  • Fox Gaden

    My wife is all about the LED’s. Not only does her Gaming PC glow and change color, her new alarm clock glows and changes color as well. It does make it easier to navigate the bedroom at night without having to turn on a light.