Theory Workshop – Project Nova – Capacitor and Module Interaction

In this episode of Theory Workshop, we will be exploring an expansion of a concept present by the developers of CCP’s Project Nova. Specifically we will be discussing the potential use of dropsuit capacitor as a balancing mechanic for dropsuit modules. Please bear in mind that this is simply an expansion of an idea that was presented by the developer and should be considered a starting point for a discussion and not a finalized concept.


The original discussion was CCP Rattati talking about considering combining the dual resource fitting system (PG/CPU) and combining it into a single resource, or perhaps no resource at all. Capacitor was mentioned as a potential means of control balance between modules and possibly the only means of controlling balance. This is part of a general concept of the design team to streamline existing DUST systems into something more approachable. While it is still up in the air regarding the exact metric that will be used for fitting, we will be specifically looking at the interaction between dropsuit modules and capacitor. The concept is meant to be functional without the use of additional limitations such as PG/CPU, but it will also work with these resources if the overall design requires them.

Please note that I am aware that this is a slight deviation from how capacitors and fittings work in EVE, but it has been adapted slightly to fit the scope of this system.

Dropsuits, Modules, and Power Cores

Each class of dropsuit comes with its respective slots and bonuses. A power core is fit to the dropsuit which contains the capacitor used to fuel all aspects of the dropsuit. Power cores have two primary attributes:

  • Cap Capacity — The maximum amount of power the capacitor can store at a given time.
  • Cap Recharge Rate — The rate at which the capacitor replenishes its power supply.

Most dropsuit modules fall into one of three categories:

  • Type A — Modules that provide direct bonuses to the base stats of the dropsuit, such as Armor Plates and Shield Extenders. These modules simply require a flat amount of power to run and do not continually draw power from the capacitor. This effectively lowers the Cap Capacity.
  • Type B — Modules that provide a passive and constant effect to the dropsuit, such as Armor Repairers and Shield Rechargers. These modules constantly draw power from the capacitor at slow and steady rate. This effectively lowers the Cap Recharge Rate.
  • Type C — Modules that support and improve the attributes. These modules simply increase Cap Capacity and/or Cap Recharge Rate.

The primary limitation here is that a fit is considered invalid if your modules completely consume your entire Cap Capacity (Negative Cap Capacity), or if your capacitor recharge rate becomes negative (Cap Unstable / Negative Recharge Rate).

Equipment and Active Modules

In the case of equipment and active modules, assets that the player can activate and use to provide an active effect for a period of time. Equipment may be subject to cooldowns and other limitations when fitting, but specifically let’s focus on how it interacts with capacitors. Active Equipment/Modules have an activation cost which consumes capacitor and/or an active cost which drains the capacitor while it is being used. For example you could use a repair tool that drains your capacitor at a certain rate. However because you can turn these on and off at will, equipment does NOT need to Cap Stable, and can drain your capacitor dry if you want.

Fitting Choices

So now you have several choices:

  • Fit lots of Type A modules to boost your passive base stats, knowing it will decrease your capacitor capacity and prevent you from using active equipment and modules for long periods of time?

  • Fit lots of Type B modules to boost your passive regeneration and other effects, knowing it will decrease your capacitor recharge rate and make it more difficult to recover your capacitor after you use active equipment or modules?

  • Fit lots of Type C modules to boost your capacitor stats and allow you to use lots of active modules and equipment, knowing that your passive bonuses will be diminished?

  • Fit a mix of all 3 to custom build your suit to have the ratios of passive buffs, passive regeneration, and active effects to benefit your playstyle?

The opens up a lot of options for the player in terms of deciding what sort of tradeoffs they’re looking for in fitting their dropsuits. Finding the proper mix of active and passive modules to suit each player’s individual playstyle will be an enjoyable part of the meta, but is also easy to understand from a NPE experience and could potentially tie all fitting to a single resource limitation. What are your thoughts on this concept? Please leave your feedback and join in on the discussion!


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