Episode 156: “Dust Day”

On the day of infamy for every DUST 514 player, we talk about the deluge of upcoming Marvel series like The Gifted and Inhumans, Harebrained Schemes’ Battletech, and a huge discussion of the latest chatter on Project Nova!

Teasers are out for Marvel shows The Gifted and Inhumans.

Our friends at Harebrained Schemes have released their teaser for Battletech! You can check out some pre-beta gameplay and a recent dev livestream.

For additional details on the Project Nova discussion, check out our ongoing updates blog.

It’s available now on iTunes or you can find it at http://biomassed.net/podcast

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  • Fox Gaden

    I think the loss insurance should cover stuff up to Proto, but only cover Officer gear at the proto equivalent cost.

    I think Jay’s idea of the NPC’s only paying replacement costs for pre-set suits is too limiting, but I do like them as a match reward.