New High Resolution DUST 514 Related Images Leaked

Earlier today, several never before seen high resolution images were discovered on CCP Patriot‘s online portfolio but were quickly removed. Luckily several members of the community were able to save these images before they were taken offline and posted them on several social media sites. While it is unclear when these images were produced and for what purpose, they have only recently surfaced and look incredible. CCP Patriot was the Art Manager for DUST 514 back in September 2014, and while his current status and assignment is unknown, the leaked images are clearly DUST and EVE related.


Gallente Research Facility with a Caldari Corax Destoryer floating above.


A different angle of the Corax at the Gallente Research Facility.


Shot from what appears to be a moon overlooking a planet and Caldari fleet.


Interior shot of what appears to be a Caldari facility.


Caldari HAV with another Caldari Corax floating above.


Another moon shot with what appears to be an ORE ship in the background.oRhwiIz

Hangar with Caldari RDV in the bay

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