Results of the CPM2 Election

Today, the dev blog announcing the CPM2 delegates was released by CCP Leeloo, who has headed up the elections this year.

The members of CPM2 are as follows:

  • Aeon Amadi
  • Breakin Stuff
  • Cross Atu
  • Darth Carbonite-GIO
  • Kevall Longstride
  • Sgt Kirk
  • Zaria Min Deir

In the dev blog, Leeloo thanked the members of CPM1, saying that, “Their work has been of vital importance advising on the changes that have been made to DUST over the course of the last 12 months”.

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  • Dust Merc

    5 out of seven PC Elite Hmm!

    • Soraya Xel

      Well, I know 5/7 were on my ballot, but I don’t know about “PC Elite”.

  • Jaysen Larrisen


    Not impressed with the line up for CPM for the most part. Cross, Zaria, and Darth are varsity level picks. The others…just not seeing it.

    • Soraya Xel

      Well, I know you aren’t big fans of Kevall or Breakin, but I have a lot of confidence in them. And Aeon will do fine, probably. I don’t know Kirk well, so I can’t comment there yet.

      • Jaysen Larrisen

        Breakin is ok; not convinced he can get along with folks well enough.

        Kevall is simply a sycophant that is difficult to take serious.

        Kirk might be solid but it depends if it’s the Kirk from the last couple months or the petulant shitposter from the last few years.

        Aeon…implosion / explosion / some kinda ‘plosian waiting to happen. Makes Breakin look calm and measured.

        • Soraya Xel

          Again, you might not take Kevall serious, but CCP does.

          We’ll see how Aeon handles.

          • Jaysen Larrisen

            CCP taking Kevall serious doesn’t exactly translate to being a good thing.

            For the record, I hope Aeon keeps his shit together. He’s got some interesting ideas but is far to combative and quick to shitcan other folks opinion but his own.