Star Citizen Demos Multi-crew Ships and Boarding

Last week at Gamescom 2015, in Germany, RSI unveiled a new demo of its multi-crew gameplay, along with some early example of the persistent universe. A team of players walk through a space station, climb aboard three ships and warp out to a planetary ring, where an abandoned vessel is drifting. The crew boards the ship and floats through doorways and ports without gravity, as they access power panels to bring the ship back online. After taking command of the vessel, the fleet fights off an enemy vessel before returning to the station with their prize.

The biggest thing that struck me about this demo, along with the first person shooter demo Star Citizen released previously, is that Star Citizen is tackling a vision head-on that CCP has only shown us through trailers, as opposed to live gameplay footage. Players can walk around stations and ships, board other vessels, man various turrets and stations, and experience a world that is really rich in content.

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  • da Gand

    Now if only CCP had released dust514 onto the PC instead first then the game would be at the point where their trailers ( E3 2011 trailer,The Prophecy trailer ) would much more accurately reflect the game.

    • Soraya Xel

      I disagree entirely there. CCP’s issue with DUST 514 had nothing to do with being on the PS3 or not, it had to do with incompetent leadership.

      • da Gand

        Their Leadership of the Shanghai team back in the day was a big part of the problem but the ps3 even with the right leadership wouldn’t get them much further then where the game is now.