CPM Candidate Interview: MRBH1997

Biomassed: Who are you? Who do you play DUST 514 with, and what style of play do you enjoy?

MRBH1997: MRBH1997, and I play mainly with those I’ve developed a strong connection with or others through public channels or alliance. My play style is more of a casual and enjoyable one. Yeah, I love to be competitive and win, but if you don’t have any fun with the game then what’s the point.

Biomassed: Tell us a bit about the “real you”. Who is the man (or woman) behind the merc?

MRBH1997: The man is Bailey Andrew Henning, an 18-year-old American who is preparing to start their college journey. I’ve always been a generous fellow, wanting to help others if I can, a strong lesson of my grandmother who was more of a mother to me. I’ve also had plenty of business and management experience through my father’s businesses he owns.

Biomassed: Why did you decide to run for the CPM this year?

MRBH1997: Well, I would have last time but was ineligible. But now I am and I want to be able to help this game thrive. I’ve been here since open beta and have yet to ‘quit’ it. I hope to not only improve the general experience for both new and veteran players, but to improve DUST/EVE integration and have more unique community events.

Biomassed: What are the strengths you think you can bring to the CPM? What is your biggest weakness you’ll need to contend with?

MRBH1997: My strengths would be the ability to contact me and receive a response in ample time. I’m always checking my Skype, email, and EVE messages for anyone trying to contact me. I’ve always been a community-oriented person, hence the bonding that exists amongst my alliance. I’m also a man who listens to those who speak, always having an open eye, ear, and mind. I’m also very experienced with almost every mechanic of the game.

My biggest weakness would probably be the actual times I’m available. Due to my job, I’m not able to actively be available as much as I’d like. Though I can still be available early in the morning or late in the evenings regardless of my work schedule.

Biomassed: What do you feel is the role of the CPM?

MRBH1997: I believe the role is for improved development of DUST 514 and its community’s experience. They are there to help guide CCP as the community’s unified voice. And to help CCP make improvements or additions.

Biomassed: How do you feel about the previous CPM? What was done well, and what could have been done better?

MRBH1997: I believe they did alright, there is always room for improvement. They did a good job on conveying the community’s majority in some cases. I however feel that some issues were not solved correctly or well.

Biomassed: What are your thoughts on communication between the players and CCP? The CPM and CCP? The CPM and the players?

MRBH1997: I believe it’s been improved since CCP Rattati came into the picture. He’s really helped to make some great additions.

CPM and CCP seemed to work well together given how things have gone, but I have no idea how it truly worked between them behind closed doors so to say.

I saw the communication to be alright between the players and CPM. I saw some throwing themselves out there for others to speak with. There were also the forum posts and follows.

Biomassed: Where do you hope to see the game by the end of your term?

MRBH1997: I hope to see a better community experience, improved EVE/DUST integration, and more unique community events to keep things alive and exciting.

Biomassed: If DUST is able to be ported to another platform, which platform would you prefer, and why?

MRBH1997: I would choose PC because the options available are improved for things like graphics and content. Not only that but it also widens the available player base, thus expanding the DUST community.

Biomassed: How can players reach out to you if they have further questions for you?

MRBH1997: If they wish to speak with me personally, they can either find me in Ender’s Keep, a channel in-game, or hit me up on Skype: MRBH1997. If they wish to just message me, either my DUST character or my EVE character, Radel Endorian, will work. Otherwise my email is always open: bayhenning (at) yahoo.com

I’m always willing to find and make time for others.

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