‘Design a SKIN’ Challenge 2.0

Aeon Amadi is back with his second ‘Design a SKIN’ Challenge!

The rules are similar to last time:

  • Submissions must be original and cannot currently exist in DUST514 or EVE Online.
  • Submissions will be displayed publicly throughout the duration of the challenge.
  • Submissions must be 500×500 pixels an in PNG format.
  • Only one (1) submission per person.
  • Submissions must be submitted to [email protected] before 12:00 GMT July 29th.
  • The community will vote on submissions between July 29th and August 13th.
  • Submissions should follow the provided template and display only colors and/or patterns, with trim in a separate box if necessary. Providing a secondary image depicting how the SKIN would look on an actual dropsuit is also allowed.
  • If Aeon’s own submission happens to win, the prize will be given to the next runner up.
  • Rules are subject to change.

Submissions should include the following information:

  • In-game character name.
  • Your submission (500×500 pixel image in PNG format)
  • Title of your submission
  • Subject line of the email must be: “Dust514 Skin Challenge Submission”

The prize is a $50 Aurum Card from Gamestop which is worth 100,000 AUR. Aeon has also offered to help contestants who do not have access to image editing software so that they can still compete. Additionally, while the winner of the previous ‘Design a SKIN’ contest was adopted by CCP to be used as a Newsletter reward, it is uncertain if CCP will do the same again for the winner of this challenge.

Source: Official Challenge Thread


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