Patch Day – Warlords 1.1

Happy patch day to all the DUST 514 mercenaries across New Eden!

Well, today is the day that literally every DUST merc has been waiting for since day one. The Code Bazaar is teeming with life as mercenaries from all across New Eden flock to get the best deals for their unwanted officer weapons and dropsuits, or to buy the coveted weapons and suits.

Those who are not trading are shooting faces in the new Acquisition gamemode. Every five minutes, the objective moves, which forces mercenaries to stay on their toes and keep a sharp eye out for the next potential location that the objective may appear at.

DUST players all across the universe can be seen rocking serious threads in the form of SKINs which can be bought for a low (or high, depending on how you view the issue) as $10 USD. SKINs are applied to the dropsuit to alter to color scheme.

Unfortunately, with everything that is good, there are things which are bad. Players from all over the community have joined together on the forums, in the Warlords 1.1 Issues.

Here are a few problems that players are experiencing with Warlords 1.1:

  • Daily Missions are not updating (Happened to my CEO today)
  • Cannot join a squad while in a game of Acquisition
  • Acquisition point sometimes shows up in either team’s redline
  • Roden Sniper rifles do not appear in the Assets menu, only the fitting menu when attempting to fit them to a dropsuit
  • Sprint speed readout for new suit fittings is at zero for all suits (Assets and marketplace)
  • And this is happening when players attempt to send DUST items to EVE Online characters (The items end up disappearing)

Also, since there is player trading, if you have not already, check out these helpful tools for DUST players looking to trade their items:

When trading, it is recommended that mercenaries do trades live and “in person”, for lack of a better phrase. You will not be refunded ISK or assets if you are scammed.

Have a wonderful time with Warlords 1.1, and remember, if you come across a bug, please, please, please report it to the dev team in this forum thread!

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