October 11, 2015 Aiwha Bait 1

Four days ago, Biomassed reported a surge of tweets using the hashtag “PortDust514”. This campaign quickly picked up momentum on Twitter and on the EVE Online subreddit. […]

Hotfix FoxFour Released

October 9, 2015 Aiwha Bait 0

The long awaited Hotfix FoxFour has been released. Hotfix FoxFour was pushed in DUST 514 on 10/8, during downtime. FoxFour has brought many changes to […]

The Voice of the People

October 7, 2015 Aiwha Bait 3

Recently there has been a Twitter campaign, initiated by notorious forum poster Ripley Riley, using the hashtag “#PortDust514“. There is a forum post and even a Reddit thread on […]