Episode 177: “The Big Bet”

Jaysyn provides an initial review of Blade Runner 2049, and big news out of EVE: Vegas for Project Nova, CCP’s new Project Aurora, a Destiny 2 update, the McDonald’s sauce kerfuffle, and more.

Hulu has release a full trailer for Marvel’s Runaways. A new Justice League trailer sets a different tone. And all of one of us is looking forward to the new Pacific Rim.

Here’s some decent tweets showing Project Aurora. CCP also released a feature tour of the new Lifeblood expansion.

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  • Fox Gaden

    I saw the first 20 to 25 minutes of the last Transformers movie. We turned it off. Even my wife who mostly just cares about the explosions and special effects could not watch it. The thing that is most jarring is to see really good acting in a really bad movie. With the budget and the actors involved, they must have worked really hard to make such a bad movie. It is not like they failed to make a good movie. They were clearly trying to make the movie as terrible as possible.