Project Nova Gets Release Window and 3rd Party Partnership

During this week’s EVE Online Vegas event, CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar spoke briefly about the current status of Project Nova, CCP’s planned FPS shooter set in the EVE Online universe. While details were sparse, it was revealed that CCP has joined in a partnership with Sumo Digital, a 3rd party game developer to support and develop Project Nova. Sumo Digital has a wide portfolio spanning many different genres including work on the most recent Hitman series, as well as the upcoming Crackdown 3 and Dead Island 2.  Sumo Digital is being brought in to assist with the parts of the project that makes the most sense given their skillset.

Their experience in FPS games seems more limited than other genres, but given their recent work on shooters, this could be a more recent directional change for the company. Additionally, CCP Rattati firmly stated in the DUST Veteran Discord server that the project is a CCP Product and the game is not being outsourced; simply that Sumo Digital is being brought in to assist with the parts of the project that makes the most sense given their skillset.

Hilmar additionally confirmed that Project Nova will be released sometime in 2018 with additional details to be released in the coming months. This is probably the clearest indication we’ve had regarding the current state of development and should give players a more reasonable idea of when to expect public testing and a subsequent release.

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  • TooMany Names AlreadyTaken

    Argh, I wish they had more to say about Project NOVA than a mobile version of EVE Online, but I’m happy nonetheless. If it’s releasing in 2018, the testing stages are probably gonna start in Q1 2018, but who knows, maybe even at the end of this year! My hopes are high.

    Hi from the Dust 514 forums, may they rest in peace. o7

  • Godin Intaki

    Huh, that’s good to hear.

    Also, yea, I’m still lurking 😀

  • Poison Diego

    I can finally wake up from my hibernation XD

  • Lateris

    What a cute little mobile version of EVE Online (jkn). I hope it makes them the oodles of cash they have wanted. What is going to happen to Eve Valkyrie?

    • Soraya Xel

      The jury is still out on Valkyrie! CCP said it will still be taken care of, but they are selling CCP Newcastle, the studio that develops it. Whether Valkyrie will be managed by CCP at another studio, managed by CCP at Newcastle despite it being owned by someone else, or by the new company entirely instead.