Valkyire to Support Cross-Platform Play

CCP announced during Fanfest this year that Valkyrie will support cross-platform play between Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR players. This represents a fairly daring choice, as cross-platform gameplay has often been a minefield of balance and release timing issues, as the game must be kept in careful sync and any platform issues must be carefully accounted for.

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  • RedBleach

    I think it is a smart move. Learning each of these systems (vr) will allow them to further prepare for whenever the winner of these product wars emerges. They will not be playing catchup as some other companies might that hedge their bets on one system.

    Complicated, potentially expensive, but to capture all of the possible market now positions ccp well to be a known provider in the currently weak offering of vr games. Meaning right now anyone with a vr set will be more likely to try ccp’s game since it is one of the 10 in existence.