CCP Announce Project Nova at Fanfest 2016

During the opening ceremony of EVE Fanfest, Hilmar Veigar, CEO of CCP Games, officially announced Project Nova, the successor to DUST 514. Hilmar stated that the new game would be free to play on the PC. During the announcement, a screenshot of the new game appeared on the screen depicting a mercenary shooting what appears to be a Minmatar precision rifle.

Project Nova

In a brief interview immediately after the Opening Ceremony, CCP Rattati said that the new game will give you “a lot to play with at the beginning.” According to Rattati, players will start as a “generic race” which will allow new players to play around before they commit to a faction.

Dennie Fleetfoot has uploaded gameplay footage recorded with a camera showing off one of the maps, which is a Chimera class carrier, as well as some of the dropsuits that are already in the game. Sgt. Kirk also uploaded footage showing off a few of the guns in the new game including the Minmatar precision rifle, the assault rail rifle, and the heavy machine gun.

Both Dennie Fleetfoot and Sgt. Kirk will be uploading more things related to Project Nova on their YouTube channels in the near future.

Project Nova is currently playable at Fanfest. Players can play the Acquisition gamemode.

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  • CommandoBiffle

    I have a morbid curiosity about Project Nova. I would like for them to go and make the dream that they promised with dust 514. But what Is going to happen they’re going to make an Eve online themed Call of Duty clone