12 Days of DUST (December 25th – January 6th)

As we enter the latter half of December, we are quickly approaching the 12 Days of DUST. Starting December 25th, players who complete at least 3 daily missions will unlock a unique reward for that day. Each reward is only available for one day so be sure to log in every day and earn your reward! CCP has also released a hint about what each day’s reward will be; see if you can guess what each reward will be before it’s release!

Day 1 reward (December 25th 11:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC):
“Very helpful. AAA +1. Would buy again.”

Day 2 reward (December 26th 11:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC):
“One would associate these more with a sugar than a salt.”

Day 3 reward (December 27th 11:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC):
“The ancient marauder: Perfected by Gallente, made for mercs by Allotek”

Day 4 reward (December 28th 11:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC):
“It’s a party-in-a-can at the altitude of your choosing!”

Day 5 reward (December 29th 11:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC):
“Built from the ground-up to serve the glory of the Empire.”

Day 6 reward (December 30th 11:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC):
“Buy 70k Aurum and we’ll… oh, heck, these are on us. Enjoy! “

Day 7 reward (December 31st 11:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC):
“Unleash devastating DCMA power. No training required!”

Day 8 reward (January 1st 11:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC):
“Great for melee, especially when ‘pear’ing up with a Logi.”

Day 9 reward (January 2nd 11:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC):
“For your next drive-by. 8″ Bazookas and Monoblock optional.”

Day 10 reward (January 3nd 11:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC):
“Not quite the king, but overpowered and intended to be.”

Day 11 reward (January 4nd 11:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC):
“Your enemy will learn to dread your black and red.”

Day 12 reward (January 5nd 11:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC):
“This is Hot Stuff that is normally only gained by the Hand of Fate.”

Bonus day reward (January 6th 11:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC):
“A yearly favorite for capsuleers and mercs alike. +1.”


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