The Logi Ops Event (November 27th – December 1st)

In light of recent kill-focused events, CCP has worked with CPM2 to launch an event that is more focused toward the Support classes within Dust. The Logi Ops Event will be running from November 27th to December 1st and will focus on the generation of War Points and assisting your team on the way to victory. There are two conditions and rewards for this event:

Earn 10,000 WP

  • Reward: Council’s Modified Repair Tool BPO

Earn 50 Kill Assists

  • Reward: 400 Aurum

While the event’s main reward is a Repair Tool, War Points do not need to be generated through the use of a Repair Tool. Additionally, a tweet by CCP Frame stated that the Council’s Modified Repair Tool has a “unique feature” that is currently being tested.┬áThe stats of the Repair Tool will be released at the start of the event on the 27th.

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  • Dust Merc

    i want a rep tool that reps the logi and one other