Episode 75: “Na Na Na Na Rat-Man”

With special guest CCP Rattati, we are joined by Aiwha Bait and Darth Carbonite GIO looking into the nuts and bolts of Hotfix FoxFour. This time around we talk about interesting origins, a painful wait for data, and the balance acts that make up this hotfix. We also address the long standing AV elephant in the room, grading changes to the game, trade restrictions, a promise of progress towards Warlords 1.3, and left-out issues. Halloween plans and shout outs close this show. (Summary credit: Aelns Dene)

It’s available now on iTunes or you can find it at http://biomassed.net/podcast

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Soraya Xel is a founding co-host of the Biomassed podcast and an editor on the blog. Served for a year on CPM1. Twitter: @ocdtrekkie
  • Shotty GoBang

    Rattati’s Commentary:

    ~03:12-05:20: on FoxFour

    ~06:02-06:20: on specific shield changes

    ~07:20-10:25: on racial bonus changes (mostly ARs)

    ~11:35-15:50: on rifle ranges and changes

    ~17:05-17:50: on engagement ranges

    ~19:10-23:00: on the feedback process

    ~23:50-25:00: on #PortDust514

    ~27:10-33:00: on AV design and Soraya Xel

    ~33:40-37:25: Twitter Q/A: new BPOs (no), EVE Link (no), Weapon Attachments (no)

    ~37:30-41:40: on short-term goals

    ~42:20-43:00: on Warlords 1.3 (“will be cool. interesting. could p!ss some people off.”)

    • We should probably start making this a standard thing we do for each episode. Thanks for the play by play!

    • Michael Brown

      lol “could” piss “some” people off?
      What has CCP done that hasn’t had this effect?

  • PSC502

    Before I even listen to this I want to say this upfront cause some people won’t…Officer gear is and has unbalanced this game. I, Paulus Phen502, suggest that they open up the skill tree to 2 more levels, 6(experimental), and 7(officer) with weapons on the market, and fair balanced versions with new suits too. Or else any talk of wanting to balance the game is a lie! I realize this could take a while and should be a patch and it could be limited at first, like 1 type of each weapon and 1 type of each suit, but it must be done if any simbalance of fairness is to exsist in this game. It is unbalanced and broken until officer gear is either removed or open to all. Now I want to enjoy listening to the podcast.

  • PSC502

    Just finished listening and of course no talk about what’s really broken the game unbalanced officer gear. Thanks for ruining the game and being to blind to see it. And no I’m not trolling, #CCPfixthisgame