CCP Seagull Announces Expansions Returning to EVE Online

CCP Seagull posted a video and a dev blog to announce her updated vision for the future of EVE Online development. For just over a year, CCP had moved to a “release cadence” where smaller content patches were released every five to six weeks. While CCP intends to continue regular releases of small features as they become available, larger features will be held back for expansions, to be released when those features are fully ready to go. This signals somewhat of a return to an earlier time where large ‘Jesus features’ were the banner item of a given expansion. However, releasing the expansions from a set cycle means those features will no longer be shoved out the door before they’re ready. This should offer the best of both worlds to EVE players, and restore excitement and interest in what’s coming up in EVE.

Furthermore, CCP Seagull reiterated her vision where the new structures and the new sovereignty system paint the way forward for more sandbox gameplay that puts players in control of the building of the universe. She also announced that the first of these new expansions would be the release of the new Citadel structures, which will eventually replace many of the outposts players use today.

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  • Dust Merc

    nice openness of Eve Devs wish we had some of that with dust:(

    • Soraya Xel

      EVE has never had a public roadmap like we’ve had with Rattati’s Trello.

  • Dust Merc

    Road map with silence = more communication