Amarr Challenge Event (September 15th-25th)

Today, CCP Frame announced a new event to “commemorate the recent events in New Eden, and gear up mercenaries on the ground with ISK, AUR and a special issue SKIN Module.” The event, which has been dubbed the “Amarr Challenge”, will give the mercenaries of New Eden a chance to get 75,000 skill points, up to 200,000 ISK, as well as 500 bonus Aurum each day of the event. CCP has also announced a special Amarr ‘Deathshroud’ Medium SKIN that can only be obtained through this event.

The reward breakdown is as follows:

  • Earn 2500 War Points. Reward: 15.000 Skill Points.
  • Achieve 150 Kills. Reward: 25.000 Skill Points + 50.000 ISK.
  • Finish 5 battles. Reward: 35.000 Skill Points + 150.000 ISK.
  • Complete 5 Daily Missions. Reward: 500 AUR each day.
  • Win 30 battles during this event period (10 days). Reward: Unique ‘Deathshroud’ Amarr Medium SKIN module.

The Amarr Challenge Event will run from September 15th 11:00 UTC to September 25th 11:00 UTC.

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