Imp’s Weekly Musings — PC Connection

I don’t know about you guys — but I get bored sometimes. I like DUST a lot, but ultimately it is the SSDD. (I’ll let you guys figure out that acronym.)

And I think that to change that CCP needs to consider linking this game to EVE more directly. The idea of DUST and EVE being connected is pretty awesome. More importantly it would give the game greater longevity as a lot of us would like more reason to log in.

We are getting cool Planetary Conquest revamps! That’s awesome!

It doesn’t REALLY affect EVE enough for anyone to care! Darn!

That’s the rub I think needs to be addressed. Recently the changes have been geared towards play mechanics which, I think, is absolutely the right direction. However, I want EVE players calling me up and offering me money to go capture planets for them! So, my musing for the week is this:

FW and PC needs to have a large impact on the EVE side — one large enough for the bottleheads to offer us contracts to fight for them. Oh, and them have the ABILITY to do so!

Now, I know this will shakeup the market tons, so it isn’t something that CCP can do now or even SOON. In fact, it is most likely impossible and unfeasible with how much longer this game can maintain population. (We need a port to PS4, CCP! *nudge*) It’s unreasonable without better game mechanics (which they are addressing).

But, I can dream right?

On a side tangent — a lot of people have been discussing team deploy and FacWar and other stuff like that. I hate carebear mentality. We don’t have a large number of new players coming in. We don’t need to coddle the off few that do with my little pony matches. We need to improve their ability to connect to the vets and run with vets to learn and like the game. Even with carebear matches this game is not a lot of fun for most people unless they are running with people.

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