CPM Candidate Interview: Demens Grimwulff

Biomassed: Who are you? Who do you play DUST 514 with, and what style of play do you enjoy?

Demens Grimwulff: demens grimwulff. I play with Negative Feedback as a corp (both as a player, but FC and director), but I tend to spread my wings and do random Squad Finder squads, play with GAM, FA, old AE friends, and pretty much any willing to invite me.

Hard to say… I am a very situational player who does assault primarily, but I will heavy as needed, point defend as needed, rush objectives, or do basic logi work when my team needs me.

Biomassed: Tell us a bit about the “real you”. Who is the man (or woman) behind the merc?

Demens Grimwulff: I have two dogs, several cars (in varying states… from a stock “get me to work” car up to a full out race car), I collect music (over 1000 vinyl records), and I like to read when I can (manga, news, books).

I went to college as a theoretical math major and ended up being an organic chemist in a petroleum lab.  Other than that… I love movies good beer… live music… yea…

Biomassed: Why did you decide to run for the CPM this year?

Demens Grimwulff: After discussing with corp mates and thinking about it, I felt I should. I have a lot of hope and love for this game, and a lot of opinions on what needs to be done, so I felt that running for CPM would be a good step for me, and for the game.

Biomassed: What are the strengths you think you can bring to the CPM? What is your biggest weakness you’ll need to contend with?

Demens Grimwulff: Well, from CCP’s perspective, due to my job, I am quite familiar with NDAs and keeping corporate secrets. From a player’s perspective, I have done almost everything in this game and can bring that perspective to the table. As well, having been in a management role in my career for going on… 10 years now, I am used to listening to multiple different things, taking the evidence and what has been said, and combining into what I feel is an accurate statement, or a good solution to a problem.

I feel my biggest weakness would be the fact that NF has a maligned image amongst some players, which is unfortunate as some might have a thread a truth, but like everything in life, a lot of it is not founded in truth.  As well, I have been a member of corps in the past which weren’t exactly popular amongst the populace (AE, for example).

Biomassed: What do you feel is the role of the CPM?

Demens Grimwulff: To be the voice of the people to CCP, and to bring an actual player’s perspective to the table when an issue has occurred or cropped up. As well, I think the CPM need to be, to some extent, extra eyes on the forums for CCP… CCP only has so many people running the forum and can only dedicate so much time to reading every post made in the plethora of discussion threads. I think the CPM should act as a… sorting measure, finding the real gold and bringing it before CCP.

Biomassed: How do you feel about the previous CPM? What was done well, and what could have been done better?

Demens Grimwulff: How do I feel about previous CPM… ummmm… mostly, indifferent. A lot of the CPM I have seen pretty much disappeared from the game… a few members of CPM1 stick out to a large degree when I think of this. Some, when I consider all of the CPM as a whole, I get to the ‘indifferent’ opinion. Obviously, there are some stand outs, and I can largely thank all of CPM1, and some of CPM0, for the push to get rid of the Gallente Lagstillation from PC rotation. That, was, ridiculous.

Just in my honest opinion… if you run for a job, get elected to a job, don’t back out. They could have stuck around to actually do something… make some real change occur… that is what could have been done better. Don’t leave and then come back to just try and recruit members to another game… that is just sad.

Biomassed: What are your thoughts on communication between the players and CCP? The CPM and CCP? The CPM and the players?

Demens Grimwulff: Players and CCP: at an all-time high.  I think it is doing great.  This level of communication only needs to be increased and continued.

CPM and CCP: Hard to say… obviously with what I said in the previous question, not where it needs to be.  I think there are some stand outs, but by and large, only 3 of the CPM1 are still actually playing DUST, if I remember correctly.

CPM and the players: From what I can tell, for the CPM that are left, they are doing a good job.

Biomassed: Where do you hope to see the game by the end of your term?

Demens Grimwulff: On PS4, with shields in a competitive spot, and tanks/vehicles in a much stronger position, as well. Racial parity with bonuses that make logical sense… and assaults and commandos having unique, definable rules on the battlefield.

Biomassed: If DUST is able to be ported to another platform, which platform would you prefer, and why?

Demens Grimwulff: PS4. Stick with Sony… the cost of entry into a competitive PC rig is too high, and Sony has continued to express interest in working with CCP. In my opinion… it is the only logical business choice available.

Biomassed: How can players reach out to you if they have further questions for you?

Demens Grimwulff: If elected, I will make a new Skype account… one specifically for talking to DUST players… and it will on, on my phone, 24/7 for anyone to message me. Currently, if someone needs me, please join Negative_Feedback in game, and send me a poke in the chat… it is the only channel I do not, and will not, leave. Otherwise, send me a mail in-game, and I will respond as quickly as possible, considering RL.

Thank you for your time.

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