Hotfix, Warlords 1.1.3, Released on June 30th

Today, June 30th, CCP deployed Warlords hotfix 1.1.3 into DUST 514. The hotfix focused largely on mobility, but there was a brief touch on shield recharging. Regarding these changes to shield recharge, CCP Rattati said, “We will be adding a shield interruption threshold, much like vehicles have, to all Dropsuits. Damage less than that number will not interrupt shield recharge”. In this case, that number is 6. Any damage 6 or less that a player takes from gun fire will not interrupt the recharging of shields. Rattati said that the team will be monitoring this “very carefully over the next weeks”.

As previously stated, the big change was mobility. CCP Rattati linked to a Google spreadsheet detailing the specifics of the changes. These changes were mobility were divided up according to speed, strafe, sprint, and stamina.

The new speed changes affected the Assault, Logistics, Commando, basic Light suits, and basic heavy suits. Starting with the Assault suits, all races lost speed. Amarr, Caldari, and Gallente all lost 0.05 speed, the Minmatar lost 0.15 speed, and the basic Minmatar Assault lost 0.1 speed. The Logistics role received a speed buff. Both the Gallente and Caldari gained 0.35 speed. The Amarr and Minmatar gained 0.3 and 0.25 speed respectively. Moving on to basic Light suits, all races lost speed. Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar saw a 0.2 reduction to speed. The Amarr saw a 0.25 reduction to speed. Three of the four races saw buffs to their basic Heavy suits. The Amarr, Caldari, and Gallente saw a buff of 0.15. Last but not least, all Commando suits saw an increase of 0.35 to speed.

Moving on to strafe, the data is very simple. Crouch movement was reduced for all Scout and Basic suits from 1.1 to 1.0. Free walk was reduced across the board from 0.7 to 0.6, run was reduced for everybody from 0.9 to 0.7, and sprinting was also reduced across the board from 0.5 to 0.4.

Things get really tricky when it comes to stamina, so bear with me. We’ll divide this up by race, grouping Caldari and Gallente together, as they received the same treatment. It is also helpful to note that these changes apply to the Basic variant of each suit where that is applicable.

Caldari/Gallente: Assault, Logistics, Heavy, and Scout suits were not affected by any kind of change to stamina or stamina recovery. On the Commando front, however, they still retained their overall stamina of 125, but increased to stamina recovery rate from 15 per second, to 20 per second.

Amarr: The Amarr Assault now sits at 263 stamina, that’s up from 250 before today, and sits at 24 stamina per second recovery, which is down from 30. Logistics stayed the same, as far as total stamina, but went down from 25 to 18 on stamina recovery. The Sentinel was at 175 total stamina, but went down to 150. Their recovery rate went down as well, from 20 t0 18. The Commando went down from 200 total stamina to 188, and went up from 20 to 24 for stamina recovery. Finally, the Amarr Scout suits went up from 275 stamina to 300, but went down from 40 t0 36 stamina recovery per second.

Minmatar: The Minmatar Assault suit went from 200 total stamina to 210, and from 50 stamina recovery per second to 30. Logistics saw an increase in their total stamina, going from 175 to 180, but saw a reduction in stamina regeneration per second from 45 down to 23. The Sentinel saw all kinds of stamina nerfs. Before the hotfix, it was at 125 stamina, and 40 stamina recovery. Now it’s at 120 stamina, and 23 stamina recovery. The Commando suit kept its 150 total stamina, but went from 40 stamina recovery to 30. Lastly, the Minmatar Scout increased total stamina from 225 to 240, however, it lost stamina recovery. Before the hotfix, it was at 60 recovery, now it’s at 45 stamina recovery per second.

Those are the changes in long form. If you would like the TL;DR of the changes, refer to this forum post made by CCP Rattati.

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