Hotfix Released on May 26th

Today, CCP Rattati announced that Warlords Hotfix 1.1.2 had been deployed.  This hotfix began to lay the foundation for other features to come.

First, boosters are now tradeable! Only certain boosters can be traded, however. The 7-Day Active and 30-Day Passive boosters are tradable. Why only these two? Only CCP knows. One can assume it is to see if there is any exploiting going on. The two boosters are the most expensive in their class, for lack of a better word. 7-Day Active boosters are 5,000 AUR, and the 30-Day Passive boosters are 14,000 AUR.

On the subject of trading, CCP Rattati also said that certain SKINs are tradable. If you have any of the following skins, good news for you. The Tash-Murkon, Kador, Ishukone, Kaalakiota, Roden, Duvolle, Brutor, and Thukker SKINs are tradable as of today. Since SKINs are “considered BPOs”, as Pokey Dravon put it, not all of them can be traded at this time. CCP Rattati did add “with the intent for more to follow” at the end of the trading section, in the hotfix release notes, so be on the lookout for that.

Another big change to come as a result of today’s hotfix is ISK payouts in Factional Warfare battles. Rattati said, “As explained here, we are changing the payouts for FW (to grant ISK refunds of losses) and PC (to reward winners for winning), hopefully this will incentivize players to queue up for both game modes and of course, try their utmost to win, more here.”

The first changes to Planetary Conquest have begun to roll out, ahead of the PC overhaul in Warlords 1.2. CCP Rattati, with help of the DUST 514 community, has decided to reduce the cost of Surface Infrastructure from 75 million ISK to 25 million ISK. Clone Packs have also seen a price reduction. Originally priced at 50 million ISK, they are now 10 million ISK.

After many tweets, support tickets, and complaint threads in General Discussion, the MCC Construction Facility map has been removed. Players were reporting, in masses, about getting the “fatal error” message pop up whenever they were on that map. This would disconnect players and force them to completely reset their Playstation 3 systems. Cross Atu, of OSG Planetary Operations, has reported having as many as five people disconnect from that map at one time. Kain Spero, of Negative-Feedback., has reported half of a full team sync, 8 people, being disconnected on the map. Spero has said that reinstalling the game completely seemed to have fixed the problem for him.

Other small fixes include giving the Assault HMG its proper damage profile, the Loyalty Rank bonus effects the Loyalty Rank like it should, and all Orbital Strikes have seen a 20% price reduction.

The current price for all Orbital Strikes is as follows:

  • Small Flux Strikes – 240 WP (Originally 300 WP)
  • Large Flux Strike – 2,400 WP (Originally 3,000 WP)
  • Standard Warbarge Strike – 3,200 WP (Originally 4,000 WP)
  • Large Laser Orbital Strike – 4,000 WP (Originally 5,000 WP)

CCP Shanghai will continue to monitor these changes, and watch for exploits as time passes. Remember, if you see any bugs, take a picture and report it to CCP! Help the team out!

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    Major Laser OB is 4,000 WP


    Other than that, it’s good

  • Blyte Plasma Prime

    This 1.1.2 HOTFIX permanently disabled my reward screen after I win a battle and 50% chance after I lose. So no more getting ISK, SP, LP, Kills, Asst Kills, Hacks,War Points and Loyally Rank Points. My Daily Missions also say I never did anything.
    That just when I’m lucky enough to play a match.Battle finder now 30 min. or longer.

    • Soraya Xel

      You should file a support ticket about that.

      • Blyte Plasma Prime

        Sorry I’m new to this and don’t know what that is. I’ve only played this for 22 days. I just finished playing a minute a go. 40+ min wait to lose rewards at end of battle. another 20+ min and again straight to my hub from VICTORY/DEFEAT screen. At least Daily Missions counted my 2nd battle stats. Shame I really like playing this, but now I can hardly play. Patch the patch guys. Please!!! I’ll just stop playing for now and check daily for a new patch. Waiting 60+ min to play maybe twice for no reward is just a waist of time when I can play other games. Really not so munch about rewards as just wanting to play.

        • Soraya Xel

          Log in with your PSN account at and create a ticket, explaining your problem. You can also email [email protected] as well. (I would do both.)

          • Blyte Plasma Prime

            First off thanks for the help Soraya Xel. My PSN account is not working here. Strange? After last server service shutdown. My Public Contracts option is now fixed. Factional Contracts still freezing at VICTORY/DEFEAT screen then straight to my hub. May not be that bad if weren’t for 10+ min wait that without post battle stats screen and the still 20+ min wait for Battle Finder. On the bright side my missing stats screen no stops me from getting credit for playing all matches so I can try Daily Mission again. Still killer wait for factional LP but at least I can play again and that’s all I really care about.

  • Dust Merc

    So even less need for Eve pilots giving OB in PC 🙁

  • Pwentdon Dwenton

    If you play to play and stick around, join from here and get the bonus gear. I’ll help you out in game.

    • Soraya Xel

      Affiliate link comments will be marked as spam and deleted.