This is DUST

Darth-Carbonite GIO, an avid player of the game who has an Officer Scrambler Rifle named after him, has released a video titled “This is DUST”, showcasing the Planetary Conquest feature of DUST 514. The trailer was made in the spirit of the popular trailer This is EVE, showcasing the truly exciting part of both games – The Community.

It is wonderfully put together and I would recommend it to anyone as a must watch fan made trailer.


Here is the video – Enjoy!

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I am a veteran DUST 514 player and a (very) casual EVE player. Through my years of experience since the early beta, I know DUST 514 inside out and am very involved in the community. Meow
  • Krashaun Davis

    Now…..we need this on the DUST 514 channel GO GO GO!!

    • CatMerc

      Polished up and made using internal CCP tools? :3

      • Golden Day

        Yes >:3

  • DarthCarbonite

    Well dang. Thanks, Cat <3

    • CatMerc


  • Dust Merc

    It don’t get better than this

  • Yay 😀 <3 this, Darth. You da real MVP, brotha <3

    • Soraya Xel

      Darth was definitely MVP of Top Men alliance. 😀

      • Didn’t realize you two were in the same alliance. xD

        • Soraya Xel

          Darth has taken his crew off to fun and profit elsewhere, but Darth was one of my “top men” (intentional) for a long time. I respect the crud out of him.

          • DarthCarbonite

            I will never forget. Thanks, Soraya 🙂

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